3 Tips for Balancing Study and Work

Are you working full time, studying part time, trying to keep fit, eat well and fit in some kind of social life? Me too.

Study assignments and exams fall to the bottom of the to do list and before you know it, it’s 4am and you are rushing to get an essay in or cramming for tomorrows exam.

I am making a conscious effort, as some kind of new years resolution perhaps, to stop putting myself under that kind of pressure by adopting some new habits that seem to be working out. There might be a thing or two you can take from these 3 tips for balancing study and work that help you too.

1. Schedule study time (and stick to it)

Too often I would block out a couple of hours at the weekend to study only to find myself dreading it all weekend and procrastinating about getting it done. I changed my approach to a single hour 2-3 evenings on weekdays that I was less likely to have plans such as a Monday and Tuesday after dinner, and more often than not, once I was into it, I would happily spend another 30 minutes “just to finish the chapter”. It’s like getting to the gym in the morning, getting started is the hardest part, once you’re there, you’re away.

2. Shut down social media

I am a queen procrastinator – 10 minutes in and I used to be on Facebook or Instagram mindlessly scrolling wasting time that could have been spent getting what I needed to do done. I now position my phone out of reach so I am unable to access distracting notifications and I make a conscious effort not to use my PC until I really have to for online tests or access to study resources. I now get so much more done in less time and I have my weekends back.

3. Find a study method that works for you (and is kind of fun)

Through trial and error, I learned that creating “chapter posters” using A3 paper and brightly coloured markers is the best study method that works for me. I make notes about key points and then these posters grace my walls for the duration of the paper. It gives me easy access to notes to refer to for tests and exam revision. Just by way of being highly visible, I tend to review the notes more often, such as when I am getting ready for work, and this helps me with retention of key concepts.

There you have it, 3 tips for balancing study and work to prevent last minute cramming and late night assignment writing while juggling other responsibilities.

Share your tips for balancing study and work below.

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