Reflecting on 2018

Instead of writing my goals down, I adopted the concept of a vision board for 2018 and I still really love the idea!

Samantha Vision Board 2018I’m laughing looking at a few of the things I didn’t think would be quite as ambitious as they were at the time I included them here – notably reading books, sleeping and meditation – they all tend to fall under the “time to myself” category – which as most mothers would know is few and far between with a little one!

In hindsight, 2018 was very much a year of adjusting to our new normal with an energetic toddler. And I didn’t anticipate how often she would be ill from being in daycare once I returned to work a few more days a week. At times I questioned whether trying to mother/wife/work all at the same time was worth it, but towards the end of the year, although exhausted and in desperate need of this break, we had both adjusted and I’m glad we stuck it out.

As a result of all of the above, not as much time was made for date night, and friends and family as I would have liked but I love that this year I have rekindled friendships with old friends, made new mum friends and have had the opportunity to bond with some of my closest pals as we both navigate this parenting thing. For my yet-to-be-parent besties, thanks for being patient with me this year. I’ve loved living vicariously through you as you embrace life as the one big adventure that it is!

I was stoked beyond measure to sneak my first triathlon since having Everly in before 2018 was up. I tried not to get too hung up on how unfit and how much slower I was than I used to be and just go out and enjoy it. It was great to reconnect and was just the right amount of challenge and the boost I needed to kickstart my training for some more ambitious 2019 event goals.

One of the highlights of my year, albeit with the childcare challenges, was returning to Storbie in a more senior position. I’m fortunate to love where I work and the people I work with, and taking on a role that opened my eyes to alot of the “behind the scenes” activities that keep a business ticking along has been huge for my personal growth and my career development. Very excited about what’s on the horizon in 2019 on that front!

I’m still figuring out the uni-tasking thing – as I sit here with my phone beside me making plans with a friend for tomorrow, my diary with a half scrawled weekly training plan, and a cup of tea. Sigh. But maybe it doesn’t matter if all of the things I am trying to do at once, are things that I really enjoy! I kept a gratitude diary for about the first month of 2018 and it’s a habit I shouldn’t have let slip. Although, I feel that my morning coffee-to-go during my peaceful half hour commute to work was an opportunity I often used for daily reflection.

When it comes to waste-free, I’m glad to be on the reusable cup and reusable bag bandwagon, as well as donating a lot of pre-loved items to the opportunity shops over the course of the year. I’m keen to give a capsule wardrobe a go this year, as well as try my hardest to waste less food. Seems a big task with a little one whose dinner ends up on the floor most nights but small changes can have a big impact – like not letting food go past it’s use by in the fridge!

We didn’t get to Rarotonga this year like I dreamed about, but we did book a trip to head to Fiji in the next couple of months so I’ll take that as a win!

A couple of things that I didn’t plan for this year was rekindling my love for the High Tea Honeys, giving the brand a bit of a facelift and injecting some new energy into it. Looking forward to giving that some more attention over the course of the new year. I also got involved in My Kids Village, a social enterprise that helps parents discover their local childcare options – after finding the process a nightmare myself, I figured there must be a better way and teamed up with the wonderful Gillian who had the same idea a couple of years ago. We have experienced some growth over the course of the last few months and looking forward to keeping up that momentum in 2019.

One of the biggest things I have learned about myself this year is how much I value and therefore need to prioritise time for creativity. Creative freedom ignites my passion and my energy and it’s how I am able to pour all of myself into things over and over. Whether it’s strategy and planning or designing solutions and preparing presentations at work, mucking around with branding, collaborations and event planning for the High Tea Honeys, writing speeches for Toastmasters or posts for my blog – it all exercises my creative muscle that brings me a lot of satisfaction and joy and I’m planning on doing more of it next year!

I am immensely grateful for the life that I am blessed to lead. Of course, like any couple, we have our moments but more often than not, I still pinch myself that I am married to such a doting and loving man that I adore. Seeing him embrace, and grow into his role as a father to Everly has fostered my love for him to a level that I struggle to put into words. Our daughter is just the right mix of sassy and hilarious to balance out the relentlessness that tests us as parents. Most of all, my little family is surrounded by a network of supportive, loving, caring, positive and genuine people. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Let’s go 2019!