Tackling your ‘uncomfort’ zone

say-yes-kotilo_johanna-horkkoAbout six years ago I pulled myself out of a slump by deciding that I wanted to be more interesting. I wanted a better answer than “nothing much” or “same old” to “what have you been up to lately?” It sounds stupid actually writing that but it’s exactly how the scenario played out in my head.

Where did I start? 

The beginning of my ‘be more interesting’ mission started by acknowledging the things that I sucked at or the things that scared the shit out of me. Things that fell into my ‘uncomfort’ zone included public speaking, golf and performing arts.

What did I do next?

Without thinking about the ifs, buts or maybes, I signed up for Toastmasters, golf lessons and Burlesque classes – and I went to every single one. Terrifying? Yes! Exhilarating? Even more so!

Within a year I became a self-proclaimed ‘casual golfer’, ended up co-running a few public speaking courses and competed in a speaking competition to earn myself a rad participation certificate! I also learned that I am better off sticking to sporting activities – corsets and fishnets were fun for a term but Burlesque wasn’t something I pursued beyond ‘tassels and twirls 101’.

Then what happened?

After a couple of years, I re-evaluated. I had met a boy, agreed to marry him and we bought a house in an area where I knew nobody. After lugging a brand new glittering box of china teacups back to our new home from a trip to Melbourne I decided that the best way to meet some people was to start an afternoon tea club. This was the beginning of the High Tea Honeys. I think back to how impulsive that decision was. In all of one evening I dreamt up the name, registered the meetup group, designed a logo that would suffice and then launched it. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that it would still be running over two years later.

And now?

All of these experiences that I made an impulsive decision to pursue have given me self-confidence, new skills and some amazing new friends. I have learned that I love inspiring people to tackle their own ‘uncomfort’ zones, that I am an entrepreneur at heart and that I am obsessed with tea and cake.

All of this because I wanted to be a little more interesting. Who would have thought?

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