Tri Again

Two days ago I competed in my first triathlon, I am still feeling elated by the sense of achievement.

7 weeks ago I received an email from a local gym saying they were recruiting members for a beginners triathlon training squad. I have wanted to do a triathlon for atleast the last 5 years and for whatever reason, never made it to the start line. 

I bit the bullet, registered and paid and locked myself in. The training regime wasn’t too intense, a weekly run, ocean swim and a few rides on the Exercycle at the gym. 7 weeks quickly flew by and it was time to head to race day wetsuit and bicycle in tow.

Arriving at Scorching Bay was breathtaking in itself.  

Getting set up in transition wasn’t as logistically challenging as I anticipated.


 The first group heads into the icy waters


 And then it was my turn – swim, bike, run!



It was fantastic to do the race as part of a team. The camaraderie and support throughout training and race day was awesome. 

I found the race challenging but completely achievable and loved it so much, I am registering for the Rotorua quarter ironman in December with a goal of completing a half ironman in March 2016. Bring it on! 

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