A model for a day

A month or so ago I received an exciting phone call during a regular Friday morning commute to work. It was Polly and Grant from The Hits radio station phoning to let me know that they had nominated me to be fast tracked to the final of the Specsavers Spectacle Wearer of the Year competition. I’m one of six finalists to be flown to Auckland for a photoshoot modelling Specsavers latest range of designer glasses and be wined, dined and entertained by Jeremy Corbett.
It’s Monday morning after the weekend spent in Auckland and as I am flicking back through the photos from the weekend I can’t help but smile.
After a wee bit of a travel inconvenience I arrived into Auckland on Saturday afternoon quite a bit later than expected but I was so excited to be there that any earlier feelings of frustration at a certain airline quickly faded away. I was introduced to Simone, an amazing Auckland based make up artist and hair stylist and she worked her magic on me. Before and After photos below.



After hair and makeup I got to choose from the gorgeous range of Specsavers designer specs. I ended up going with a pink pair by designer Collette Dinnigan ūüėć


The photo shoot was fun a and a whole lot less intimidating than I imagined, although we were short on time, the environment was cool, calm and collected. Big thanks goes to the team from Mango Communications, Eleisha and Sean who kept it that way.

After the photoshoot I made my way down the road to the hotel, got changed into something a bit more relaxed for dinner and enjoyed an amazing Teppanyaki experience at Katsura restaurant at the Rendezvous Hotel.



After dinner we went to the Classic Comedy club to see a line up of up and coming stand up comedians. I was pleasantly suprised to see the sister of a friend on stage, I knew she was into stand up but had no idea how good she really was. It was awesome to see someone going against the mould a little and absolutely killing it. I was sure to snap a selfie with Jeremy Corbett before the night was done.



All in all it was an awesome experience, I am grateful to The Hits for giving me the opportunity and Specsavers NZ and Mango for putting on an awesome event. The professional images will be released in the next couple of days and we should know who has won the grand prize to LA before the week is out. I had a once in a lifetime experience, can tick ‘be a model for a day’ off of my Wanderlust List and I made some lovely new friends on this trip so whatever happens, I feel like a winner already.

The Simple Things

I’m not generally one for new years resolutions, I am more of a creature of continuous improvement, but this year I promised¬†David, my fiance, that I would slow down. I have coined 2014 as the year of the ‘rush’ for me – a somewhat stressful full-time job, part-time university study, co-ordinating¬†over 50 High Tea Honeys events and somewhere in there squeezing in football and¬†Toastmasters. Naturally, time for those closest to you ends up too far down the priority list, as do the simple things such as sleep, exercise and eating a well-balanced diet. Fortunately for me,¬†David¬†has supported me without complaint but one evening over dinner he politely asked me if I was going to take it a bit easier this year and I agreed that I would.

I finished up my sales job just before Christmas and am incredibly excited about starting in the consulting world next week. The five week break has been a blessing, it has done wonders for both my mental and physical health. I chose not to enrol to summer school, as tempting as it was to knock another uni paper off, and instead I have taken the opportunity to take a break from that feeling of always having something that I should be doing. Instead, I have focused my time and energy on the basics Рdaily exercise, nutritious meals and time with family and friends. I feel like a new person and I am determined not to slip into old habits. My focus is on adequate rest and executing my planning efforts.

These are the principles I have set for myself to abide by:

  • Practice meditation as daily¬†as possible. I was recently introduced to an app called ‘1 Giant Mind’ (a by-product of actually having the time to contribute to online communities about things I am interested in). I absolutely love it. For someone who has¬†always been curious about meditation and not that comfortable with the idea of sitting in a room full of strangers doing it for the first time, starting out proved to be a challenge. With 1 Giant Mind, I am learning to meditate in my own time and it’s perfect for me. I’m aiming for 30 minutes at the beginning¬†of every day to calm my mind and prepare me for whatever the day throws at me.
  • 8 hours sleep.¬†This is non-negotiable, no matter how much work or study I have on, it can wait. On top of this, phone/tablet/computer – all off at least 30 minutes before bed.
  • Get¬†it¬†done today and do it perfectly enough. Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today. Also, note the term ‘perfectly enough’, striving for perfection can be a barrier for me, if I don’t think I can do something perfectly, I will procrastinate about it for weeks. In the last year or two¬†I have become better at this but still something I¬†struggle with, especially when it comes to work and study.
  • Be realistic about what I¬†can fit in around the commitments I have made to myself.¬†If ‘extra curricular’ activities are going to chew into the time I should be sleeping, meditating, exercising, preparing nutritious meals or spending time with my partner¬†in a well planned out week then I have to say no.

I have already started this week with the decision to hang up my football boots for the season and by setting a goal this year to only complete half of the uni papers I completed last year. I am treating the simple things with the same importance as I would a work meeting by scheduling non-negotiable time for myself. I am enjoying my new lifestyle and I am committed to keeping it up, even after I have started my new job. Wish me luck.